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Cycladic Arts Museum

Cycladic refers to the islands in the Aegean Sea south of mainland Greece. These were homes to some of the earliest civilizations.





Beginning our guided tour of the Acropolis


The Acropolis


Gatehouse of the Acropolis


The Parthenon -- (see Wiki article dedicated to the godess Athena.

Built 447-438 BC, on the site of the previously destroyed (in Persian invasion) Temple of Athena

Primarily used as the Treasury of Athens

Converted to a Christian church in 6th century AD

Converted to a mosque 1460 AD

1687 - Ottomans used it for a munitions store. It was ignited by Venetian artilery shells, causing a large explosion and major damage

1800-1803 Lord Elgin purchased the sculptural friezes, from the Ottoman government, and sent them home to London, were they presently reside in the British Museum, the "Elgin Marbles"

1975 - reconstruction begun by the Greek government; it is ongoing


Erechtheion Temple, with porch of the Caryatids (Caryatid statues are replicas, but the originals are close at hand in the Acropolis Museum)




The Acropolis Museum


As the building excavation began, ancient ruins were found at the site. Glass walkways by the entrance offer a glimpse of these ruins.



Lego Acropolis



Scale model of Parthenon Frieze (original is in the British Museum; other significant sculptures are in France and Germany)


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