Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Downtown Hong Kong is centered at the north end of Hong Kong Island, and the opposite mainland district, Kowloon. The Lonely Planet travel guide description of Repulse Bay, at the south end of Hong Kong Island, sounded intruiging, even though details were a bit sketchy. It turned out to be a most pleasant and interesting excursion. We took bus #6 from downtown, over the mountain in the center of the island, with great scenic views from the upper level of the double-decker bus. Repulse Bay has skyscrapers, but less densely packed than in downtown, and with lots of green space. At the bay there is a beach, which must get busy in summer. Most fascinating, on the shore, is a shrine, built in the 1920s, with large Buddha and Guan Yin figures, and many smaller figures, including fish, dragons, lions, and goats. Most of the figures are covered by ceramic mosaic tiles in bright colors.


dipping a finger in the South China Sea


Kwun Yam Taoist Shrine

"Longevity Bridge* -- walking over the bridge is supposed to add three days to your life.


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