Madrid (day 1)


Caixa Forum, a small modern art museum on Paseo de Prado (across from The Prado Museum), open to the public, free. The present exhibit is works of Miquel Barcelo (who also did the elephant sculpture in front of the museum). No photos were allowed of the exhibit, however several images of his paintings can be found online.


Restaurant on the top floor of the museum



Along Paseo de Prado


In the median of Paseo de Prado -- a historical exihibit on the preservation of the art treasures of the Museo de Prado during the Spanish Civil War, by shipping them to museums in other countries for safe keeping.



The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum -- A wonderful collection spanning 15th - 20th centuries (no photos inside)


The Rtiz


Parque de Madrid


Memorial to all who have died for Spain

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