Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


This extensive collection was given to the public by movie theater magnate Jules Mastbaum.  The museum opened in in 1929.  Many of the pieces were, according to museum caption signs, cast by founder Alexis Rudier, who worked in Rodin's foundry.

Most of Rodin's bronze sculptures exist in several (some over 100) copies, cast to order by his foundry in Paris.

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The Gates of Hell


Head of John the Baptist, 1877


I am Beautiful, 1882
Call to Arms, 1879


The Call to Arms, 1879
The Athlete, 1904


The Athlete, 2nd version, 1904
The Benediction, 1894


The Burghers of Calais


Adam, 1880
The Shade, 1880



Youth Triumphant, 1894


The Sirens, 1888


Shame, 1889


The Centauress, 1887


Hand of the Devil Holding Woman, 1903


The Hand of God, 1898
The Man with the Broken Nose, 1863


Mignon, 1868
The Age of Bronze, 1875


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