Suiting up for nighttime snowmobiling

There were just three customers crazy enough to do the excursion in the cold, windy weather. Me and one young woman each drove a snowmobile, having proved that we have a driver's license and attested that we had not consumed any alcoholic beverages that day, and having signed a release document. Patrick rode as passenger with the guide (he admitted to recent wine consumption).

We rode about 15 km, through some woods, over some frozen rivers, and on a frozen fjord. I learned that when you encounter slush, the correct response is not to slow down (you get stuck) but to give your machine maximum throtle.

Taking photos while driving was not possible.

Halfway through, we stopped at a beautiful cabin in secluded woods for hot chocolate. In that spot we were 5 km from the Russian border. The guide told us some interesting stories about that. Occasionally hikers and sport fishermen have strayed accross the border. The Russians have returned them. On the other hand, Russians trying to escape to Norway have been treated severly. Our guide also expressed support for President Biden's Middle East policy.

Starting on the way back, we were treated to a subtle showing of aurora borealis! There was thinning of the clouds at the horizon, with some green and red light streaks. In the first image, the white streaks are snow being deflected upwards by the snowmobile's wind screen. There was some green and red aurora glow on the horizon.

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