THE MUNCH MUSEUM - A HANDSOME BUILDING, WITH AN EXTENSIVE PERMANENT COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS BY EDVARD MUNCH (PRONOUNCED "MOONK"). (It was still light when we arrived at the museum, but we were in a hurry to come inside out of the cold weather, and didn't take exterior photos until we left.)

The featured temporary exhibit compared the works of Francisco Goya and Munch. It showed historical evidence that Munch admired Goya, and studied his paintings. Several of Munch's paintings clearly emulate Goya's.

These drawings by Goya show a witty role reversal of donkeys and humans.

MUNCH'S version of "Starry Night"

"The Kiss" -- Carol noticed that the distinction between the two lovers' faces is obliterated; rather different from Klimt's famous "The Kiss"


We decided to be adventurous, and walk back to our hotel, despite the snow, ice, and slush covering most of the sidewalks.

The Oslo Opera House is just across a street from the Munch Museum; we walked past its costume shop, an got an interesting glimpse inside. We have tickets for "Bluebeards Castle" (in Norwegian "Blasjeggs Borg") our last evening in Norway.

We had dinner at Holvedbanen Spiseri, picked from good online reviews. We both had mushroom soup, and lamb fillet with brocollini, turnip, and roasted baby potatoes -- quite tasty. Our server was a young woman from Lithuania, who spoke perfect American style English. Asked what we should see in Lithuania, she recommended the port city of Klaipedia.

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