Mackinac Island 8-23-2006, day visit


Mackinac (pronounced mac-ki-naw) Island is a 3 x 2 mile island just east of the Mackinac Straits, which is astride

lower and upper Michigan, and divides Lake Michigan from Lake Huron. The island is a very popular tourist

destination. Only horse powered transport and bicycles are permitted (exceptions are one fire truck, one ambulance,

and one utility repair truck). A bike and horse trail, Michigan Route 185, follows the shoreline all the way around the

island, 8 miles. Several elegant resort hotels are on the island, along with a tacky Main Street, several blocks of

privates houses, and scattered privated houses, some quite imposing, scattered around the island.


"Jet Boat" ferry to the island


View from the ferry, entering the harbor



A nature trail off the shoreline bike route



On the bike route, Mackinac Bridge behind


Gulls and cormorants (from bike route)


limestone outcrop


natural arch (formed of limestone outcrop)


freighter, from hotel garden


In town, near the docks

St. Anne's Church




signs near the Grand Hotel -- pretty snooty, eh?

Grand Hotel and its gardens



Fort Mackinac




Main Street




the harbor entrance has two lighthouses


Mackinac Light House, in Mackinac City, on the south shore of the Straits

The bridge, from the south shore