Sorrento is located on the south end of the Bay of Naples.  Per Rick Steves' recommendation, it was a good base camp for seeing Naples, Ercolano, and Pompeii, and it was pleasant in itself. The Circumvesuviana train provided convenient transportation for these excursions.

Correale Museum

This was the residence of the Royal Family of Sorrento

(this photo is shamelessly grabbed from a web site)


Inlaid wood decoration is a Sorrento specialty.  There were excellent examples in this museum, the former palace of the Sorrento Royal Family.




Sorrento is named for Sirens of Greek mythology.  The story of Odysseus and the Sirens is done in wood inlay here



Peter Paul Rubens, "Banquet of the Marine Gods"


Views from an upper floor of the museum



Garden of the Museum


Bed and Breakfast "Casa Coreale", quite pleasantly situated in a citrus grove.  We were invited to pick and eat all the oranges we liked. I am guessing this was once the servants' quarters for the Royal residence.

our room


Achille Loro (1887-1982), Sorrento soccer team owner, cruise line owner, publisher, politician, community benefactor. Statue in Piazza Angelina Loro



Sorrento "Small Harbor"


Piazza Maggiore of Sorrento


Buskers on the Circumvesuviana train

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