Museo Nazionale Archeologico in Naples

This museum has a wonderful collection of scultures, mosaics, and small decorative arts from the archeological excavations of Rome, Pompeii, Ercolano (Herculaneum), and other sites.



The Farnese family was wealthy over centuries, and collected art, especially from archeological sites.



The "Toro" grouping is from the Baths of Caracalla excavation in Rome, as is the Hercules sclupture


The "Tazza Farnese", an intriguing ceremonial dish made in Egypt, with quite a history (see placard)

Sculptures from "Villa di Papyri" in Pompeii



statue of Homer


Model of Pompeii


Etruscan pottery


To Gambineto Secreto, erotic objects from Pompeii (rated X!)

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