Israel 2015 - Day 10

Air Force Museum

The exhibits illustrate Israel's history of international relations. The planes originate from many countries, wherever they could be obtained.



"Bedouin Camp" for tourists. Having a camel ride was the highlight.


David Ben Gurion's home at Kibbutz Sde Boker, in the Negev Dessert

He and wife Paula lived here during a hiatus in his political career after his first term as Prime Minister, and again after he retired from political life.

Ben Gurion Wiki article


Quotations from Ben Gurion, encouraging settlement of the southern dessert region of Israel.



Ben Gurion lived modestly.


David Ben Gurion and Paula Ben Gurion graves



Art CenterĀ of Neot Semadar Kibbutz, Arava region. The tall structure is an evaporative passive cooling tower.


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