Israel 2015 - Day 7

All Nations Church, Bethlehem, Wailing Wall, Via Dolorosa


All Nations Church








Church of the Holy Sepulchre


All Nations Church, and Eastern Orthodox Church


Bethlehem (West Bank) -- Church of the Nativity


Our guide for Bethlehem (he lived in Columbus, Ohio for a few years; he initiated a "OH-IO" cheer with me and Carol)




Back in Jerusalem


Gate in City Wall

Jerusalem, outside the old city wall


Wailing Wall (Western Wall), and Dome of the Rock Mosque

The security station for entering both of these sites is shared. The covered stairway leads to the Dome of the Rock. Just left of the stairway is the women's section for the Wailing Wall, left of the divider is the men's section.


Many written prayers are left in the joints between the stones


Synagogue of the Western Wall (orthodox)



A Bar Mitzvah rehearsal


Old Jerusalem street


Via Dolorosa (we visited the Stations of the Cross, including shrines and churches; not exhaustively documented here)


Jerusalem from a high viewing point

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