Israel 2015 - Day 3

Tel Aviv -- Ha Aretz Museum

(Ha Aretz translates to "the land", implying "homeland")


Synagogue mosaic, 7th 8th century AD


Hoopoe, the national bird of Israel



Sundial exhibit


Public water fountain, Ottoman era


Olive oil presses


Religious Art pavilion


A Katubah (marriage contract)


Another Katubah


Torah cover


Matzah scoring tools


Etrog -- citron fruit. This, along with the Lulav, a date palm frond, are symbols of the harvest holiday Sukkot.


Archaeological excavation site on the grounds of the museum


Some University of Tel Aviv buildings




Glass pavilion




Islamic Period blown glass, 8th - 15th centuries AD


Byzantine glass, 4th - 7th century AD





Late Bronze Age glass, about 16th century BC


Tomb goods, 4th - 5th century AD


Modern glass art

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