Budapest, Hungary


Heroes' Square, commemorating the founders and monarchs of Hungary.

See this excellent Wikipedia article for the details:


Two art museums flank Heroes' Square


Some modern architecture




Buda castle and surrounding buildings, on the steep west bank of the Danube River (i.e. Buda).


Fishermans' Bastion and Matthias Church -- there was an excellent overlook view of the city


St. Stephen (977 - 1038)


St. Matthias Church (see Wikipedia article: )


View from Fishermans' Bastion


A brass band from Sydney, Australia was playing in the gazebo in the adjacent park


Buda Castle, which houses the National Gallery

There were two special exhibits -- Mark Chagall and Imre Amos (Hungarian artist who painted dream scenes, like Chagall), and French Impressionsts and Hungarian Impressionists (no photography was allowed in the special exhibits)


A few photos of the main gallery -- recently renovated, very nice!



Funicular car to ride down the hill to the river


Budapest, continued

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