Roskilde, Denmark - Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum has recovered Viking vessels, replicas that endeavor to use orginal materials and constructions methods, and demonstrations of various crafts involved in ship building. Hands on and participatory activities are emphasized.


We, along with 14 other tourists, took a participtory sail around the harbor in a replica Viking ship. Our guide was very knowledgeable, and patient as well. First the safety orientation, and issuing of non-Viking life jackets.


After rowing away from the dock, with 16 oars pulled by we 16 tourists (yes, it was a bit chaotic), it was time to raise the sail. The sail is made of wool. The ropes (some at least) were made of horse hair.

There were many jellyfish visible in the shallow water of the harbor


The kids got to dress up as Vikings


The train was quite comfortable, with amenities like bike storage and WiFi

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