Copenhagen, day 1, continued


Museum of the Danish Resistance (World War II)


A map indicating Holocaust deaths by country.  Denmark had only116. 



Gefion fountain.depicting Norse legend:

According to Ynglinga saga, the Swedish king Gylfi promised to give Gefjun the territory she could plow in a night. She turned her four sons into oxen, and the territory they plowed out of the earth was then thrown into the Danish sea between Scania and the island of Fyn.

Sculpture by Anders Bungaard 1897-1908.  Given to the public by the Carlsberg (Brewery) Foundation.

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King Frederick IX


The "Little Mermaid" -- an icon of Copenhagen


Entrance, to Kastellet, a fortification built 1626, including a moat.  Some military offices are still located here.  Most of the site is public parkland.  On maps, it is an intruiging five pointed star shape.

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St. Alban's Church


Amalienborg Palace - current Royal Residence; Royal Guards  see Wikipedia article



Boat Tour of Copenhagen Harbor and some canals


Opera House



harbor view of Amalienborg Palace


Our tour guide.  Did an excellent narration in English, Danish, and Spanish


Addition to the Royal Library, known as "The Black Diamond"  (Wiki)

Low bridge;    Light Ship

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