Sequence of photos through the whole event.

Just before totality. Note the red Baily's Bead at the 2:30 o'clock position. This is a diffraction effect caused by a prominent crater or mountain at the moon's edge.

Wikipedia article on Baily's Beads


Totality -- A bird knowledgeable friend of a friend believes this is an owl in the photo.

Just after totality - Baily's bead at 12 o'clock

Nikon D5300, with Sigma 50-500mm lens (at 500mm), on Celestron telescope equitorial mount with motor drive. The sequence photos are selected from 313 exposures taken every 30 seconds on this camera. A 16 f-stop attenuation filter was used except for the totality and just before and after totality photos. I am sitting next to it because the mount-drive setup is imperfectly polar aligned, requiring occaisional manual tweaking to keep the sun in the frame.

Coranado Personal Solar Telescope - Hydrogen-alpha filtered, with equitorial clock drive. Fun to view (but no camera).

Eclipse Party! with Carol, Jon, and Michael.