Brookgreen Gardens, continued


Gaetano Cecere Eros and Stag 1930


Richard Recchia Flute Boy; Marshall Fredericks Baboon


Dorothea Greenbaum Gentle Tapir


Cornelia Chapin Young Rhino


Albino Manca Gazelle and Cactus


Rudolph Evans Boy and Panther; Rosi Sandifer Freedom of Youth


Sandy Scott Eat more Beef


Hazel Jackson The Listeners


Marshall Fredericks The Thinker; Carl Jennewein Indian and Eagle 1929


Veryl Goodnight Cares for her Brothers


Bruno Luchessi Raphell; Marshall Fredericks Gazelle Fountain


Henry Clews The Thinker 1914


Paul Manship Time and the Fates of Man 1939


Richard McDermott Saint James Triad


Rainey Sculpture Pavilion


Ella Norris Self Portrait 2006


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