Baja California 2006, page 2

Bird watching on "bird walk" with nice informational signs, along the water in Guerrero Negro -- snowy egret

marbled godwit

double-crested cormorants


Third boat outing on Laguna Ojo de Liebre






Here is the encounter from a different perspective,courtesy of Steve Shaw, who took these from his boat, and sent them. Thanks!




Breaching -- a courtship display. Isn't he strong and handsome?


Spy Hop-- this is a sequence at 3 frames per second (same whale, 4 frames; but if you want to imagine a

synchronized swim show, be my guest)

Al, Peggy

brown pelicans and terns on sandbar

cormorants scattering in front of our boat


Al, Jerry, Rebecca, Peggy outside B&B in Guerero Negro

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